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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mortgage Ibercaja : three benefits to note that apart from the rest

Although most notable for its services banks , mortgages Ibercaja have a number of advantages that differ from the rest in terms bind all these advantages . It is one of the alternatives that can shuffle when you want to acquire the mortgage loan to purchase a home, or even for rehalilitación .

The advantages of Ibercaja

Two of the interesting advantages Ibercaja mortgages is the amount of money offered on the home loan and the time for return.

With Ibercaja mortgages can earn 100% of the appraised value of the home , which does not happen with many banks that offer only 80 % , although in this case there is also the possibility to access the 80 % of the value of the appraisal.

The period for return if it is 30, if one of the borrowers have less than 35 years it is possible to pay with a time of up to 40 years .

The mortgage superplus bonus , and this says it all and has the advantage of offering customers Ibercaja advantageous conditions for the procurement of services with the bank . There are many options for bonuses, do not need to be fulfilled all at once :

    For household payroll and three receipts are obtained bonficaciones . Many banks do not offer bonuses just for that.

    By purchasing Ibercaja card bonuses are obtained .

    Hiring Ibercaja insurance : home , life, payment protection or subsidy accidents .

    With savings balances

With the hiring of one or more of these services are obtained for the mortgage conditions more advantageous , besides the commissions offered by the bank which may be advantageous over other banks
Hiring Ibercaja mortgages

Ibercaja mortgages are a solution for people looking to buy a home and need a mortgage to cover the costs .

They are an alternative , and recruitment can be done in any of the offices that exist Ibercaja .

Just by approaching the office can check the specific conditions to be accessed and make a feasibility study of the mortgage, it is only necessary to be guided and study conditions .


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