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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mortgage Ibercaja : three benefits to note that apart from the rest

Although most notable for its services banks , mortgages Ibercaja have a number of advantages that differ from the rest in terms bind all these advantages . It is one of the alternatives that can shuffle when you want to acquire the mortgage loan to purchase a home, or even for rehalilitación .

The advantages of Ibercaja

Two of the interesting advantages Ibercaja mortgages is the amount of money offered on the home loan and the time for return.

With Ibercaja mortgages can earn 100% of the appraised value of the home , which does not happen with many banks that offer only 80 % , although in this case there is also the possibility to access the 80 % of the value of the appraisal.

The period for return if it is 30, if one of the borrowers have less than 35 years it is possible to pay with a time of up to 40 years .

The mortgage superplus bonus , and this says it all and has the advantage of offering customers Ibercaja advantageous conditions for the procurement of services with the bank . There are many options for bonuses, do not need to be fulfilled all at once :

    For household payroll and three receipts are obtained bonficaciones . Many banks do not offer bonuses just for that.

    By purchasing Ibercaja card bonuses are obtained .

    Hiring Ibercaja insurance : home , life, payment protection or subsidy accidents .

    With savings balances

With the hiring of one or more of these services are obtained for the mortgage conditions more advantageous , besides the commissions offered by the bank which may be advantageous over other banks
Hiring Ibercaja mortgages

Ibercaja mortgages are a solution for people looking to buy a home and need a mortgage to cover the costs .

They are an alternative , and recruitment can be done in any of the offices that exist Ibercaja .

Just by approaching the office can check the specific conditions to be accessed and make a feasibility study of the mortgage, it is only necessary to be guided and study conditions .

BBVA loan : most notable characteristics

In mortgages there are plenty of offers, but in this case we speak of BBVA with its main features , benefits and requirements in addition to anything else noteworthy .

Mortgages BBVA , features

These housing loans or mortgage BBVA besides land acquisition, among its features is the ability to apply any maximum age person and have 75 years or 80 years does not exceed the end of the term of repayment of the loan .

It has excellent financing rates finances up to 90 % of the value of the property or land , giving the opportunity to fund a second home to 70 % of market value as collateral leaving the first mortgage, cadence period monthly fee or rebate of up to 6 months , you can choose any month wildcard for not paying , you can request a change of date of payment and purchase insurance with wide coverage of real estate property .

It has benefits like not having property acquisition restrictions by geographic area , you can access advance tax payments throughout the term of the loan , pay in advance all or part debt prepayments addition , procure insurance through the same loan that covers even death besides canceling the debt acquired to reimburse families with paid up capital and the ability to include all housing risk .

The requirement is to be an employee and spouse both Contracting , one of them being fixed or indefinite contract , or be self-employed professional or dealer must submit a copy of Registration Taxpayer , professional fees receipts or payments of the last three months and the statement of the last two years in addition to required technical documentation .
It will highlight

About all this highlights the multitude of self-insurance , which can be combined in both real estate mortgages as of life , family protection , medical , desgravamen , traffic accidents etc. .

The mortgages in general when they offer grace periods is to resolve a situation transition period monthly accumulation , this time by the current crisis is critical to all long-term loans as it is not expected that this situation is resolved in the short period.

Mortgage interest has nothing to do with a lack as this may be just the fee payment either alone or monthly interest on that total lack of all pay more debt fee .

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Caja de Ahorros de Galicia : features and services online and onsite

A savings account is a service offered by banks to save money and to dispose of it at any time of day through an ATM. All banks offer savings banks , each with different services and benefits. The Banco Galicia has its savings service , with its features and services online and onsite .

general Characteristics

    Savings banks Galicia Bank operate in conjunction with a debit card to withdraw money every day 24 hours.

    There is also the option of paying the bills with Automatic Debit Services , Account discounting the amount payable .

    You can also make debit purchases account , where each amount paid with the card is deducted from saldo.Esta mode is very advantageous because you do not need to use cash . Simply card purchases are credited .

    In addition, debit card Galicia , in shops is profit , promotions and discounts.

online Services

It is possible to operate with Banco Galicia through the following online:

Home Banking

This is the portal to the bank's website , allows the user through your password, access the service.

    From here you can access the account and all the accounts, and check the latest movements within 24 hours. day .

    Additionally, you can get abstracts online credit card and pay via debit services .


It is the system call , which is open 24 hours. 365 days a year at the following numbers :


    +54 11 6329-6500
    +54 0810-444-6500

With a key that is obtained through ATMs, you can do any kind of operation.

The benefit is that the operations are done from your own home by telephone, without moving from there .
Services face


Simply enter the Galicia ATM and debit card security code , it is possible to operate .
From here you can do various operations :

    Extractions of money
    Payment of taxes

Self-service terminals

These terminals are often located in the same branch of the bank, whose main aim is to receive deposits.
Also, you may check the status of accounts with a password , or answer questions about the status of the account.


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