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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Caja de Ahorros de Galicia : features and services online and onsite

A savings account is a service offered by banks to save money and to dispose of it at any time of day through an ATM. All banks offer savings banks , each with different services and benefits. The Banco Galicia has its savings service , with its features and services online and onsite .

general Characteristics

    Savings banks Galicia Bank operate in conjunction with a debit card to withdraw money every day 24 hours.

    There is also the option of paying the bills with Automatic Debit Services , Account discounting the amount payable .

    You can also make debit purchases account , where each amount paid with the card is deducted from saldo.Esta mode is very advantageous because you do not need to use cash . Simply card purchases are credited .

    In addition, debit card Galicia , in shops is profit , promotions and discounts.

online Services

It is possible to operate with Banco Galicia through the following online:

Home Banking

This is the portal to the bank's website , allows the user through your password, access the service.

    From here you can access the account and all the accounts, and check the latest movements within 24 hours. day .

    Additionally, you can get abstracts online credit card and pay via debit services .


It is the system call , which is open 24 hours. 365 days a year at the following numbers :


    +54 11 6329-6500
    +54 0810-444-6500

With a key that is obtained through ATMs, you can do any kind of operation.

The benefit is that the operations are done from your own home by telephone, without moving from there .
Services face


Simply enter the Galicia ATM and debit card security code , it is possible to operate .
From here you can do various operations :

    Extractions of money
    Payment of taxes

Self-service terminals

These terminals are often located in the same branch of the bank, whose main aim is to receive deposits.
Also, you may check the status of accounts with a password , or answer questions about the status of the account.


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