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Monday, September 30, 2013

Cajamar : mortgages and loans that may be interesting

In Spain operate dozens of lenders , most of them with both physical presence on the Internet and it is difficult , when seeking a loan, opt for some . Therefore imposes some detail analysis , entity entity. This article discusses about a significant presence in the market, Cajamar : mortgages and loans that can be interesting.


Cajamar Caja Rural , Sociedad Cooperativa de Credito, known simply by his trademark Cajamar , is the sixteenth financial institution in the Spanish ranking .

Cajamar has assets totaling € 29.519 million , 52.128 million € of business managed , a solvency ratio of 13.6 percent , more than 5,400 employees and 1,027 offices in 39 provinces of 14 regions (so it can be said to have national ) .

His home is located in the Plaza de Barcelona , 5, 04006 , Almería , your phone is +34901511000 and website Cajamar.es
mortgage interest

Although the mortgage cajamar is standard ( its purpose is the acquisition of a home, the maximum loan is 80 % of the appraised market , the interest rate is variable reference in the Euribor plus a spread that can be lowered if hired other entity's products , etc. ) , offers another that can be considered interesting.

Mortgage is multipurpose , in addition to the standard mortgage terms , offering a sort of line of credit, in the sense that you can have back the amortized amount of the mortgage loan .

For example , if you originally borrowed € 150,000 and 20,000 were repaid , the borrower may require re 20,000, without a whole new application process that involves re risk analysis and presentation of collections .

In turn, this new loan can be used for any purpose . However, the interest rate , although still variable has a differential slightly larger than the initial loan (although the company does not announce exactly how much is the difference ) .
interesting Loans

One can also say that the loans granted Cajamar are basically similar to most types of loans that are managed in the market.

Highlights , however, that in the case of generic consumer loan , the customer can choose between a fixed rate or a variable. Other boxes usually set a single interest rate for such loans .

Within the so-called special loans , it should be mentioned that Cajamar grants to young entrepreneurs (aged 18 years and under 30 ), which funds up to 90 % of the investment made in fixed assets.

It is important to note that the box for this loan requires mortgage or staff ( guarantor ) .

Summarizing , we can say that Cajamar offers at least a couple of interesting financial products , which is worth considering , such as mortgage and loan purpose for young entrepreneurs.


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